Gmux IC for Macbook Pro


Gmux is a microcontroller control graphics card on Apple Macbook. It is the key feature which decides iGPU (Intel integrated graphics) or dGPU (dedicated graphics card: Nvidia, AMD) to run.

GMUX IC is Lattice XP2-5E on pre-retinas (model A1286), Renesas R4F2113 on retinas (Model A1398)

This Gmux ic is a custom version, is specially re-programmed by Tri Nhan Laptop to turn off the dGPU and use the iGPU by default to solve the common problems of MacBook graphics card.

It is not that same to use of software or EFI modding, this method of replacing the gmux chip will completely resolve the graphic error on the macbook. Not affected after reinstall the OS or reset SMC, PRam.

Just replace the Tri Nhan’s Gmux chip to the original chip on your MacBook’s motherboard. It’s quite simple.